MailCOPA Email Software 8.01

MailCOPA Email Software 8.01



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Date Added:05 March, 2009

Author: InterVations, Inc.

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MailCOPA, simply the best email software available. It is the most powerful out-of-the-box email software you can purchase to date. Why? Not only is MailCOPA easy to use but it is pre-configured to aggressively combat SPAM and viruses and is fully multi-user and multi-machine capable. In addition to being a great help to small and medium sized businesses, MailCOPA also has some great features for home users. Award winning MailCOPA email software is ideal for business users who require powerful and flexible email handling. MailCOPA has a user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art features including: powerful and highly efficient SPAM filtering, fully customizable filters, read and unread email sorting, search and keep email flags. Using preset filter lists to score SPAM in addition to white lists (for email from the good guys) and black lists (for email from the bad guys), MailCOPA blocks (placing it in a SPAM folder) almost all unsolicited email letting you control what comes to your inbox. MailCOPA was the first true multi-user email software allowing any number of networked computers to access a single email account sharing email across your network. MailCOPA is the perfect solution for groups such as reservations, technical support, help desks or any application where more than one user needs access to the same emails at the same time. Because MailCOPA updates all shared email users oon the flyo, it instantly displays which messages have been opened and/or replied to on every terminal accessing the account. Award winning MailCOPA handles multiple email accounts for a specified user as well offering options for each user whether on the same, or a networked computer. Great for power email users who have multiple email addresses. There is more to say but you can experience MailCOPA for yourself right now. InterVations is so confident you will be happy with MailCOPA we are giving it to you, fully functional and with full support for 30 days.

Systems: Windows

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